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Mivkah Moishe Zvi is a beautifully appointed mikvah located

just off of Penn's campus in Spruce Hill, West Philadelpia.


Open to students, staff, West Philadelphia residents and visitors.  


For Men:


Mikvah Moishe Zvi is conveniently accessible via a combination lock so visitors can let themselves in on their own schedule. 

Towels, soap and shampoo are supplied.

Mikvah Dues:

Weekday $2

Erev Shabbos/Yom Tov $3

Shabbos/Yom Tov $3

Erev Yom Kippur $18

Annual Membership $180

Student Membership $100

Payments can be left in the box at the mikvah

or made via


Venmo: @Mikvah-MZ

To gain access to the mikvah please call or text:

Rabbi Levi 267.738.8995


For Women:

Mikvah Moishe Zvi is kosher for women and open to married women by appointment only. A thorough cleaning and filtering process is gone through before every woman’s appointment.

The cost is $18 and 48 hours notice is required*.

Payment for women's mikvah can be left in box or

via Paypal:

Venmo: @Mikvah-MZ

To make an apppointment please call or text:

Nechama 267.496.1990

*Exceptions can be made for unexpected circumstances.




What is a Mikvah? please click here

Deeper Dimensions of Mikvah Use, please click here


For information or access

Rabbi Levi Haskelevich: 267.738.8995

For women information or appointment

Nechama Haskelevich: 267.496.1990

Mikvah Moishe Zvi is dedicated in loving memory of

Professor Harry Reicher, reb Moishe Zvi ben reb Dov a'h,

a beloved professor at Penn Law School and askan on behalf of

Jewish communities around the world.

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